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The Program - Assumptions

As a friend of mine frequently says, "Assume is made up of three words, 'ass,' 'u,' and 'me'." Here's a list of my assumptions about you and what you're looking for:


  • You're straight.
  • You've been called "a nice girl," "sweet," or something of that nature on a fairly regular basis.
  • You are seldom, if ever, described as an "bitch." (But check out
  • You are 21 or older.
  • You want to date.
  • You realize you have a problem.

What you're looking for

  • Someone who is also nice.
  • Someone physically attractive. (No more than 10 pounds more overweight than you are proportionally and whatever other requirements you may have.)
  • Someone who is somewhat your equal.

Assumptions I'm NOT Making

  • You're of a particular religion. (I'm a devout agnostic).
  • You're pretty.

Assumptions that I made originally but am trying to correct

  • You're under 40.
Now that you understand where I'm coming from, let's take a look at your problem.


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