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The Program - Introduction

Okay. You've read the disclaimer and all that nonsense and are ready to try to make a change...or you're at work and bored and shouldn't be looking at this. What's the next step?

Our non-patented, multi-step program may or may not help, but what the hell, why not at least try it?

The Program

Step 1: General Advice is some basic information that all Nice Girls should know. After reading the general advice, it's time to try and figure out...

Step 2: Your Problem. Where exactly are you having difficulties dating?

Step 3: Solutions is all about finding answers.

Finally, under Assumptions, I describe what I'm assumptions I'm making about you and what you're looking for in a man. If you're looking for a woman, we're not qualified to provide answers for you.

(On the other hand, we do own the domain, so if you want to work on it send me an email.)



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